Our Mission: Make people laugh, hard! It’s that simple.

We’re on a mission to prove that comedy can be clean AND exceptionally funny. We’ve been fighting boredom and lameness across North America for over 10 years and know how to bring the laughs. Real laughs, like “My sides hurt!” and “I can’t feel my face!”. Been looking for laughter in all the wrong places? Then enlist The Panic Squad  today and get ready for an incredible, high-quality comedy experience you won’t soon forget.

“No one makes me laugh like The Panic Squad does. Their comedy is incredible and they’re great guys with a passion for what they do. We always look forward to seeing them at the events we share.” —Tim Neufeld, Starfield
"The Panic Squad does an amazing job of performing soul therapy. By using witty, smart humor, they open up and tenderize the heart through laughter. Simply put, they are great. You should use them." —David Nasser, Author/Speaker